Support Independent Musicians

Support Independent Musicians.

There are many reasons why some musicians decide to develop their own labels. I was talking to one of my indie friends and he told me his reason was partly because his instrument was a violin! He was told at a young age that this was an unmarketable instrument, and he took it as a challenge. He decided to create music that would touch hearts, express emotions, and he made sure it would sell.

Every indie artist or musician has a reason for creating their own label. Don’t forget the advantages that you hold with your own label and focus instead on challenges. Today I am going to share a few reasons that will remind all indie artists why they are better off having their own label. It will also tell the potential customers why music lovers should consciously choose to buy music from independent labels.

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The term ‘indie’ says it all. Independent musicians are free to express their passion and unique talent if they have their own label. Expressing your own personal stories, following your instinct, without having to follow orders from major labels as to what you must create. You can get a website for yourself or your band and keep posting your latest work there. If you have no idea about creating and maintaining a website, there are companies like Hyper Effects that can help you connect with your target audience efficiently. HyperEffects is one stop for your website, marketing and cyber development requirements. It helps you to create a website to display your talent or sell your indie music or indie art. Their websites are easy to navigate.

As I have written in my blog Make What You Like, while the marketing managers are selling your work, they are constantly trying to influence you with their advice on when to make an album, when to hold a show, where to hold a show and numerous other things to help your work. What you need to understand is that while they are selling your work, they are trying to also make you create only what will surely sell. A marketing person has no business to alter the art just so it sells. When these guys are telling you what sells and what doesn’t, they are basically saying “I know how to sell this”. Sorry? We don’t need to make what you can sell. You need to sell what we make!

Make what you want to make. Get all thoughts about selling it out of your head. It will slaughter your imagination and lead to confusion.

Niche marketing

The music world is abuzz with niche marketing these days. Nowhere can it be more successful than in independent music. As an independent musician, you can reach more ideal fans by creating your own unique niche. Today an individual is known by his choice of music. It is a blessing for such individuals to discover an artist who produces the kind of music that defines them. It is easy to convert such fans to regular customers.


Most of the famous music distributors rarely give anything for free, no matter how much music you buy from them. They almost have a monopoly in the market because they offer music from major labels. As an independent artist you are free to be generous in your sales methods. This can become your unique selling point. As I have suggested in my blog E-mail Marketing for Indie Artists, offer the customers to receive a link to a song in an e-mail, or send a little gift, like a glimpse of your upcoming release, or short peeks to back-stage fun etc. Before your next release, your fans will already have you on their bucket-list! Getting appreciation for repeat purchases in the form of bulk discounts and coupon offers will also keep the customer coming back to you and even awaiting your new release.

Direct Communication

Independent musicians are free to communicate directly with the customer. By doing so, the thrill of receiving an email directly from the musician can turn the purchaser of an independent label into a devout fan. This also lets the indie artist get personally involved in the experience. You might know that fans now expect direct contact with the artist. So while performing, rather than relaxing in the dressing room after a show, artists are expected to come out and not only do a meet-and-greet with fans but also actually sell and sign merchandise. All of these are ways for major labels to engage audience. An indie label can also use this trick and connect directly with the fans while they are making a purchase.

I am going to discuss some more points about why music lovers should consciously choose to buy music from independent labels. Please leave your comments and I will add them in my future blogs.

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