Passion for Indie

Passion for Indie.

The term ‘indie’ says it all. Independent musicians are free to express their passion and unique talent if they have their own label. Expressing you own personal stories, following your instinct, without having to follow orders from major labels as to what you must create. As I have written in my post Make What You Like, while the marketing managers are selling your work, they are constantly trying to influence you with their advice on when to make an album, when to hold a show, where to hold a show and numerous other things to help your work. What you need to understand is that while they are selling your work, they are trying to also make you create only what will surely sell. A marketing person has no business to alter the art just so it sells. When these guys are telling you what sells and what doesn’t, they are basically saying “I know how to sell this”. Sorry? We don’t need to make what you can sell. You need to sell what we make!

Make what you want to make. Get all thoughts about selling it out of your head. It will slaughter your imagination and lead to confusion.

Earning a living out of your art is what every artist wants but is very difficult to achieve, especially in today’s world, when the generation only wants to stream or get pirated copies. It is becoming increasingly difficult to earn a name and make ends meet through record sales.

In order to sustain financially, it has become important for indie artists to find alternate means to generate revenue, rather than just making music. If making music is all you want to do and let someone else handle the rest, finding a good publisher is your best choice. Publishers will acquire the rights to your song and creatively exploit it in order to make money for you and themselves.

If you’re going to sing in the video, you must practice re-making the audio from the recording perfectly. If the video and the song don’t coordinate, it will put the listeners off.

It’s not easy to look good on camera and this has nothing to do with your looks. The audio-visual combination is inconceivably unnatural. However, so is performing live before an audience. It takes practice to get the hang of it. So, if you will be acting in it – practice that with an expert. In the business, these individuals are called Directors. It doesn’t matter how incredible the components of your song making are, if what turns out is not good. Editing is the most critical part of your video making process. Either master the editing tools or hire a professional video editor. A good video editing program will help you a lot in this profession. If you ever need to create a speedy 15 second Instagram video, you would prefer to do it yourself and do it perfectly. Your smartphone is fine for now, but for more complicated indie music videos, it’s somewhat restricting.

While the means and procedures of music production may have evolved in the past half century, indie artists are still left with a need to connect with the world. In other words, we need marketing.

Most of us are willing to pay if we get results, but unfortunately, due to the growing number of indie bands and artists budding up every day, all record labels want to do is to make quick money out of them, with little or no visible benefits to the indie artists. Just as there are all kinds of budding indie artists, so are there all kinds of PR firms. One is left wondering and confused if there is a difference in their services and quality of their work and if it would be of any benefit to hire them.

Marketing has always been a puzzle for indie artists. Regardless of all the advances in the online tools available to us, we are still advised to invest in PR. While we often consider making our lives easier and getting a PR firm to do all the marketing work for us, there are two problems here. One, we do not have enough money to hire them. Two, we do not trust them to be of any substantial benefit. So we stick to what we know: social networking and live shows.

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