Editing Music Videos

Editing Music Videos.

If you are new to the entire indie music business or if you have just completed the shooting of your first music video, the most important thing for you right now is – how to sell music online. There are a lot of ways to do that, but the first thing you are going to need is a great music video! I have written about this in my blog “Making Music With Less Money”. The video must improve the song – not spoil it. It should tell the complete story because as soon as you have uploaded a music video and it becomes popular, you get thousands of new fans! Some of them might even buy something, because the video moves swiftly around the internet.

Along with YouTube, you can also upload your videos on your own website. If you have no idea about making or maintaining a website, there are companies like Hyper Effects that can help you connect with your target audience efficiently. Hyper Effects is one stop for your website, marketing and cyber development requirements. It helps you to create a website to display your talent or sell your indie music or indie art. Their websites are easy to navigate. The good news for all indie artists is that we are living in a time where video editing is made very easy with the availability of all kinds of software that are cheap and easily available. Whether you are using a computer or mobile devices, there are numerous options available that can help you with your video editing needs. Most of them are free, as long as you are using the basic (limited) version, however, the pro versions cost a few dollars, much lesser than a meal.

If you have a load to spend, there are some highly rated apps that are probably the best all-around piece of music video editing software you can find. They give you professional-quality effects, a great editing interface, and more plugins than you will ever need. These apps, however, have a license cost of about $50-$200, depending on the features. Needless to say that these are beyond the budget of most novice indie musicians.

During all my years of learning and writing about the indie music industry, I have found these inexpensive options on various hardware platforms. I have come to understand that these are the best available in each category, if you are looking to sell music online and do not want to spend a lot of money.

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Mac: for a Mac, look no further than Apple. The iMovie software comes free with OSX. It is a tight little package that offers everything you need to quickly edit a video and it integrates smoothly with all other Apple devices. If you can add the full-featured version of “Mac Garage Band” to this, you will get a formidable portable editing studio. This is going to cost you about $15!

PC: Windows users can use Microsoft’s built-in Windows Movie Maker. This isn’t as nice as iMovie, but it is free for Vista and above user of Windows. Don’t expect the interface to be as smooth as Apple’s, but it has a lot of power and makes good use of widescreen monitors to display additional information.

Mobile: iOS is full of extremely inexpensive editing packages for videos which integrate easily into an iOS device’s existing capabilities. The Vimeo App allows you to edit video and upload it to Vimeo directly. This is great for online-based bands. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, Splice has many more features and options for special effects and DLC filters. This costs $3.99.

Android: Android is less media focussed. VidTrim Pro, however, is a software available for android enabled devices and offers options similar to those found on iOS. It has a nice interface and costs $2.84. another good option is the Clesh video editor. It costs $4.99 and allows extensive use of cloud storage. This also helps in clearing up space on your device.

Zwei-Stein and DebugMode Wax are the last two options that I am going to write about here. Both are free of cost and feature non-destructive editing. DebugMode Wax takes a little bit of getting used to, but is powerful and can also act as a plugin for other popular video editing suites such as Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere. Zwei-Stein features speedy 64-bit calculations, and many kinds of effects. It’s hard to beat in terms of power. Choose this if you’re a techhead.

Know more apps for video editing? Please share in the comments section and I will add them in my future posts.

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